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2017 Sunrise

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Performance Times

27 September 2017 (Wednesday)   7:00pm
28 September 2017 (Thursday)      7:00pm
29 September 2017 (Friday)          7:00pm
30 September 2017 (Saturday)      2:00pm
30 September 2017 (Saturday)      7:00pm

Performance Venue

NIDA Parade Theatre
215 Anzac Parade, Kensington NSW 2033

Getting to NIDA



*All performances will be presented in Mandarin, with English subtitles.

*Approximately 3 hours (includes a 10 minutes interval).

*A strict lock out period applies at the commencement of each Act. Patrons arriving late will not be admitted until a suitable break in the performance. 

*Cathay recommends performances are suitable for ages 12+.

About Sunrise

At the 14th year of consecutive production, Cathay is bringing back a half-century classic in mandarin play history — <Sunrise> play-written by CAO Yu.  

A Socialite Lady CHEN Bai-Lu is meeting her childhood boyfriend FANG Da-Sheng, who has travelled far from the countryside in hope to bring her back. But only for him to find his once lover is now trapped in the luxurious yet depressing way of life. Despite feeling disgusted about the people around her, she kept mixing with them for her high life. 

Orphans to Prostitutes, Clerks to Bankers, Gangsters to Godfathers, everyone around her from different class are Struggling to survive in their own way. It was the darkest moment before dawn at the 1930 Shanghai.


Please read the following Terms and Conditions before your purchase:

  • - No exchange or refund for personal reasons, such as 'change of mind' or 'unable to attend';
  • - All rights reserved by Cathay Playhouse.

Ticket Price

Standard Seating     $39
VIP Seating             $49

Where to Buy

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Buy Tickets Online

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Ticket Outlets
NIDA Parade Theatre (During show days only)

Spacious Sky Music College

Tongli Supermarket
Ashfield | Ashfield Mall | Burwood | Campsie| Chatswood | Hurstville 

Xinhua Bookstore
Ashfield | Eastwood | Hurstville

Sydney City - Chinatown Noodle King

Kingsford - Hidaka Supermarket

Eastwood - Spacious Sky Music College

University of New South Wales - UNSW CMS Society

University of Sydney - USYD ACISC

Waterloo - Muse Radio Station

Ticketing Contacts

Cullen Luo

Seating Map

*Click on map for larger view
2017 seating


WANG Hong-Peng as Pan Yue-Ting

Denise YE Wei-Dan as Chen Bai-Lu

Lucy HUANG Qian-Yun as Cui Xi

Josh CUI Zheng Yi as Zhang Qiao-Zhi

Hannah JIANG Ruo-Han as Mrs Gu

WANG Zi as HUANG Xing-San

Zeno KONG Zhe as HU Si

Bree HE Bing-Bing as The Shrimp

Marco GUO Lin as LI Shi-Qing

Sophia YANG Fei as Mrs Li

PENG duo as FANG Da-Sheng

Chris LYU Bo-Chen as WANG Fu-Sheng

Stanley LI Song-Tao as Hei San

Eddie ZHANG as Xiao Shun Zi

Christine SHEN Bo as Paper-girl

Daniel ZHENG Qi-Xiong as Thug A and Clerk

Jake ZHANG Hui as Thug B

Ian NIE Yu-Yan as Prostitute A

WANG Ying as Prostitute B

Stella ZHANG Hao-Yu as Peddler

TIAN Ya-Mu as Homeless girl


For more information on cast, please visit: Our People> Artistic Department


Director                          WANG Hui-Li
Playwright                      CAO Yu | WANG Hui-Li
Executive Producer          Chris LYU Bo-Chen 
Production Manager         Sophia YANG Fei

Production Team

Original Music                 Leo FANG Lue
Head of Make-up             Livia SHI Lei

Stage Designer                Daniel ZHENG Qi-Xiong
Stage Manager Advisor     SUN Shi-Wen
Props | Stage Manager     Lavinia MING Jie-Qi
Props | Stage Manager     Simona WANG Ying
Production Clerk              Lavinia MING Jie-Qi 
Production Clerk              TIAN Ya-Mu
Sound Effect                   Elena GONG Jing-Ru
Head of Lighting              Zoe LI Zhi-Ying
Lighting Technician          Candy
Head of Wardrobe            TIAN Shu
Wardrobe                        Daniel ZHAO Chen-Yang
Wardrobe                        Linda LI Ying
Make-up Artist                 Emily CHEN Dan-Ling
Make-up Artist                 Vitani ZHAN Qing
Make-up Artist                 Yuki ZHANG Yu
Make-up Artist                 NA Na
Make-up Artist                 Kate GU De-Yi
Make-up Artist                 Sharon CAI Zhi-Cheng
Make-up Artist                 Leah HOU Shuang-Xin
Make-up Artist                 Lyra ZHU Wei-Kun
Make-up Artist                 Maggie WANG Jing

Executive Team

Chief Publicity Designer                       Gordon GUO Zi-Qing
Head of Finance                                 Michelle REN Wan-Jing
Head of Media and Publicity                 Melissa LI Ya-Jing
Media and Publicity Coordinator            Hannah JIANG Ruo-Han
Assistant Head of Media and Publicity   Tom CHIU Yi-Wei
Editor                                                Linda LI Ying
Editor                                                Lavinia MING Jie-Qi
Editor                                                Sophia YANG Fei
Editor                                                ZHANG Dong-Yi
Editor                                                Aretha MIAO Miao
Editor                                                Rachel TIAN Ya-Mu
Editor                                                Daisy DOU Meng-meng
Editor                                                Simona WANG Ying
Photographer | Editor                          Iker LIANG Zi
Head of Ticketing                               Cullen LUO Man
Ticketing Assistant                              Stanley LI Song-Tao

General Operation Officer                    Stanley LI Song-Tao
Trailer Film Composer                         Shirley SONG Xue-Ni
Subtitle Translation | Photographer      SK ZHANG Shi-Kai
Trailer Director Advisor                       Elita GUO Shu
Trailer Director                                  LIU De-Kang
Trailer Cameraman                            Tony YANG Zhen-Ning
Trailer Director Assistant                     Emily LIU Meng-Ying
Trailer Script Clerk                              Hannah HU Xi-Yao
Trailer Cameraman Assistant               Tim ZHENG Yu
Trailer Lighting Technician                  Ben YANG Shi-Xiao


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Sponsorship & Partnership

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Atop Education
University of Sydney Australia Chinese International Student Club(ACISC)
Sydney University Chinese Student & Scholar (SUCSA)
University of New South Wales Chinese Music Society (UNSWCMS)
Tongli Supermarket
Xinhua Bookstore
Asian City

Ticketing Agency

Exclusive Make-Up Consultant
Style7 Makeup Artistry

Exclusive Design Studio
Nexty Pty Ltd

Principal Media Support
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27 September (THU)  07:00pm
28 September (FRI)   07:00pm
29 September (SAT)  02:30pm
29 September (SAT)  07:00pm


10 August(Fri)07:00pm
11 August(Sat)02:00pm
11 August(Sat)07:00pm
12 August(Sun)05:00pm