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2012 1980+

Let's Play Production - 1980+

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Performance Times
27 September 2012 (Thursday) 7:00pm
28 September 2012 (Friday) 7:00pm
29 September 2012 (Saturday) 2:30pm
29 September 2012 (Saturday) 7:00pm

Performance Venue
Tom Mann Theatre
136 Chalmers Street, Surry Hills


*All performances will be presented in Mandarin, with Traditional Chinese & English subtitles.
*1980+ runs for 2 hours, no interval.

About 1980+

The post-80s and post-90s generation is a generation that is being demonised and idealised by two differing public opinions in contemporary China. They spend their childhood playing with dolls or toy guns alone, rarely get a chance to do chores mopping the floor or wiping the dishes, and has subsequently been named "80s kids” and “90s kids". These labels carry connotations like "self-absorbed”, “materialistic” and “no sense of responsibility". While people still mention the “80s kids” as only a group of children, they are actually at the stage of getting married and have children of their own. Regardless of whether one is willing to admit it or not, this generation of people have grown up and become a mainstay of Chinese society.

"1980+" is about a number of Chinese people who went overseas to study. After graduating in Australia, some chose to stay, and some chose to return home. They all carry their dreams when entering the community, becoming nine to five office workers. However, they are all entangled in the gap between their ideal lives and the reality presented before them. At the same time, they are accompanied by friendship and love from their family and friends. Inside this story of youth and dreams all the characters are simply ordinary individuals - you may identify yourself or your friends in this play. “1980+” seeks to accurately portray the life of these generations, which is trivial, but profound.

About the playwright

China's famous young playwright, drama director

Ying has directed various well known plays, such as “Rational Animals", "Hypocrite", "Macbeth", "The Taming of the Shrew","Der gute Mensch von Sezuan", "School for Scandal”, "Old Woman Returned Home”, “Arturo, fortune of Wei", “Perfume", "Angel", "Jujube", "Journey to the West”, "Luzhu", "Horse Before the Horse Before!". Huang’s Adaptation and direction of "Der gute Mensch von Sezuan" (Beijing People's Art Theatre experimental version, and Capital Theatre open-air version) Ying directed these plays as the Beijing People's Art Young Directors Showcase opening production received wide acclaim. In 2010, "When Si Ma Ta met Han" was performed in Beijing Haidian Theatre and Shanghai Art Theatre. It was sought after and loved by the youth audience. In 2011, "Pipedream a Dream" won “The Most Chinese Award” in Avignon Theatre Festival in France. In the same year, this play was performed in the National Theatre of China and B Temple playhouse with great success.


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Ticketing Contacts
Irene LI: 0430 512 900
Fion LI: 0405 508 228


Andy GUAN Shan-Xing as Observer
Sunnie SUN Shuang as TONG Ruoming
Sprinny LUO Xiao as XIA Luming
Yoyo HE Bing-Bing as XU Yueming
Tony LIU Heng as Wenming
Leo YUAN Wan-Tian as WANG Xiaojian
Scott Flett as YANG Tian
Bucky ZOU as Zouming
Josh CUI as CUI Yiming
Cyndi DING as DING Congming

For more cast information of this production, please visit: Our People> Artistic Department


Director (Performing): Jenny ZHANG
Director (Production): Ariel WANG
Dramaturg: Zack SHENG
Playwright: HUANG Ying, AN Ying, WANG Jiyao, SUN Xiao, ZHOU Jiansen
Adapted by: Zack SHENG, Gordon GUO
Executive Producer: Gordon GUO
Producer: Ricky HUI
Artistic Director: Eugenia LIANG
Production Manager: Michelle WANG
Executive Director: Fion LI


Andy GUAN Shan-Xing as Observer
Sunnie SUN Shuang as TONG Ruoming
Sprinny LUO Xiao as XIA Luming
Yoyo HE Bing-Bing as XU Yueming
Tony LIU Heng as Wenming
Zack SHENG Zhao-Chen as Jiaming
Leo YUAN Wan-Tian as WANG Xiaojian
Scott Flett as YANG Tian
Bucky ZOU as Zouming
Josh CUI as CUI Yiming
Hannah JIANG as Da Qiaoming
Cyndi DING as DING Congming


Production Manager: Michelle WANG
Production Advisor: Miranda HUANG
Stage Manager: Michelle REN, Sally HUANG
Assistant Stage Manager: Chris WU
Stage Design & Props: Sherry GAO, Wendy MA, Lyzette LI, Carol XIONG, Evan GONG
Sound: Leo FONG, Shirley SONG, Sharon LIU
Lighting: Bob XI, Michelle WANG, Stanley LI, Ricky HUI
Multimedia: Yee YIN
Styling Director: Tracy ZHAO
Makeup Director: Livia SHI
Wardrobe Coordinator: Nemo CHEN, Rachel XU
Styling Artist: Becky CHEN
Makeup Artist: Vivi QU, Rain ZHAO
Script Translation:  Luke Jones
Subtitles: Lucy HUANG,  Jenny CHEN


Head of Finance: Calvin LIAO
Accountant: Iris LIN
Head of IT: Felix RONG
IT Technician: David XIE
Head of Development: Lucy HUANG
Head of Human Resources: Sally HUANG
Marketing: Victoria WANG, Allen KUANG, Serena ZHOU, Ray WANG, Charlotte LI
Public Ralations: Ellen WANG, Faierie MEI, Jenson CHI, Pete BAO, Grace GAO
Head of Ticketing: Irene LI
Ticketing: James QUE
Media & Publicities: Sunny SUN, Dee Dee ZHONG
Graphic Design: Bella SUN, Gordon GUO
Video & Photo: Yike GAO, Shylock LU, Karen OUYANG, Kenneth CHANG, Aaron GUO


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28 September (FRI)   07:00pm
29 September (SAT)  02:30pm
29 September (SAT)  07:00pm


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