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2012 Thunderstorm

Classic Production - Thunderstorm

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Sydney Performance Week

Performance Times
10 August 2012 (Friday) 7:00pm
11 August 2012 (Saturday) 2:00pm
11 August 2012 (Saturday) 7:00pm
12 August 2012 (Sunday) 5:00pm
Performance Venue
Tom Mann Theatre
136 Chalmers Street, Surry Hills

Wollongong Performance Tour

Performance Time
18 August 2012 (Saturday) 6:30pm
Performance Venue
McKinnon Building 107
Building 67, The University of Wollongong


*All performances will be presented in Mandarin, with Chinese & English subtitles.
*2 hours 45 minutes, with 15 minutes interval.
*Warning: This production contains strobe effects and haze.

About Thunderstom

The story is set in the early years of the Republic of China, at the end of a smouldering summer. ZHOU Pu-Yuan is the owner of a large mine. His second wife, ZHOU Fan-Yi, had long been suppressed under his control, her days passing by like years. Pu-Yuan’s elder son, ZHOU Ping, was born to his first wife, MEI Shi-Ping. Out of pity for Fan-Yi, Ping fell in love with her. Yet due to fear of his father, Ping shifted his love to the household maid, LU Si-Feng, who was also liked by Ping’s younger brother, ZHOU Chong. Unknown to Ping and Si-Feng, they are actually half-siblings. The arrival of LU Shi-Ping led to her unexpected encounter with Pu-Yuan. It turns out that she is MEI Shi-Ping, Pu-Yuan’s jilted lover from thirty years ago and who had attempted suicide. Secrets, disputes, jealousy, love, hate and desire are all embroiled on this rainy night, signifying the oncoming of the “thunderstorm”.

Thunderstorm is a reflection of the complicated social conditions and conflicts in the almost 30-year period from the 20th year of Guangxu (1894) to 1920. The story between two families, eight characters, over the expanse of one day is implicated by thirty years of love and hate. These intangible relationships – the more one attempts to untangle, the further the knots tighten. Tragedy underlines every word of the play, building up to the final climax of a thunderstorm; the revelation shocking everyone involved. This play is a presentation of life’s tragedy at the cruel hands of fate. An autocratic, hypocritical parent; enthusiastic but simple-minded youths; a woman’s heart burnt crazy with love; a son repenting for his sin yet unknowingly commits a further sin; along with family and life secrets – whether the sinner or the innocent, all will head for destruction. Within the small performance space, not only are ethical and class disputes raised, but also clashes between the individual, their environment, and the times they live in. These various violent collisions aid to constitute rounded and sophisticated character developments.

With the richness and vibrancy of a modern drama, the sharp dramatic conflicts, the tight structure and the solemn and heavy sense of tragedy, Thunderstorm conveys authentic “Chinese affairs” with an authentic “Chinese way of thinking and feeling”. The high aesthetic appeal of its characters has again and again attracted both Chinese and foreign audiences to the theatre to admire this classic Chinese production.

2012 Thunderstorm by Cathay Playhouse

Thunderstorm is CAO Yu’s first piece of artistic work, symbolic of the coming of China’s contemporary drama. It is also one of the most representative works in the entire history of Chinese drama. Extracts of Thunderstorm had been adopted in high school Chinese syllabi and adapted for film, making the story well known to every age group of the Chinese public. Thunderstorm has been translated into eleven languages including English, French, Japanese and Russian. The play has been brought to stage by many theatrical and educational organisations around the world, and included in educational material on China’s contemporary theatre. Thunderstorm can be considered one of the most well-known and widely accepted artistic work in China’s contemporary drama repertoire to date.

This is not the first time that Cathay Playhouse has presented the work of CAO Yu. Cathay’s productions of Sunrise and Family in 2006 and 2008 respectively, has achieved both artistic and box office success. Our current production of Thunderstorm is the first play in CAO Yu’s “four tragedies of life and fate”. Cathay finally has the courage to pick up this play after nine years of development as a Playhouse – as a sign of our reverence for Thunderstorm, and an indication of our attention to the process of this production.


Sydney Performance Week

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Irene LI: 0430 512 900
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Wollongong Performance Tour

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Karen NIU: 0431 023 572
Dan WANG: 0425 661 077

More Info

Please refer to The Wollongong Chinese Students & Scholars Association (WCSSA) Official Website for touring details.


La Ba as Zhou Fan-Yi
SK Zhang as Zhou Pu-Yuan
Gordon Guo as Zhou Ping
Lucy Huang as Lu Si-Feng
Denise Ye as Lu Shi-Ping
Adam Sun as Lu Gui
Evan Gong as Zhou Chong
Dennis Wang as Lu Da-Hai

For more cast information of this production, please visit: Our People> Artistic Department


Diretor: WANG Hui-Li
Playwrite: CAO Yu
Producer: Gordon GUO Zi-Qing
Artistic Director: La Ba
Production Manager: Miranda HUANG Chen-Nu
Executive Director: Fion LI Ai-Tong


La Ba as ZHOU Fan-Yi
SK ZHANG Shi-Kai as ZHOU Pu-Yuan
Gordon GUO Zi-Qing as ZHOU Ping
Lucy HUANG Qian-Yun as LU Si-Feng
Denise YE Wei-Dan as LU Shi-Ping
Adam SUN Qiao as LU Gui
Evan GONG Guan-Xiong as ZHOU Chong
Dennis WANG Jun-Yu as LU Da-Hai
Deane JI De-Bin as Old Servant
David CHEN Jun as Servant A
Morris MENG De-Jia as Servant B


Production Manager: Miranda HUANG Chen-Nu
Assistant Production Manager: Carol XIONG Qi-Jing
Stage Manager: Michelle REN Wan-Jing
Deputy Stage Manager: Sally HUANG Yu-Rui
Assistant Stage Manager: Ricky HUI Wah-King, Felix RONG Jie
Script Translation: Eva LI Yi-Bing, Chloe HUANG Li

Leading Set Designer: Sherry GAO Xing
Secene & Props: Lyzette LI Yi-Jun
Lighting Designer: Bob XI Bing
Lighting Crew: Michelle WANG Yu-Meng, Demetrius LIANG Wen-Bin
Composer: Shirley SONG Xue-Ni, Leo FANG Lue
Sound Designer: Sharon LIU Shang-Shang
Sound Crew: Vincent YAO Shun-Yu
Solo Cellist: Susan Yubin Kim
Recording Assistant: Koichi Kohashi
Scenic Crew: Ethan LIN Yu-Zheng, Ian WANG Yi-Yang, Kevin XU Zhao-Hui, Gareth WANG Yin-Hao, Jayson PENG Lu-Xiao

Stylist Director: Tracy ZHAO Xin-Yang
Make-up Director: Livia SHI Lei
Stylist Artist: Justin DUAN Yong, Lareine LI Wei
Make-up Artist: Vivi QU Wei, Rain ZHAO Xiao-Yu
Wardrobe Coordinator: Rachel XU Rui


Executive Director: Fion LI Ai-Tong
Head of Finance: Calvin LIAO Wen-Jing
Accountant: Iris LIN Ying-Ying
IT Technician: David XIE Ming
Marketing Representative: Charlotte LI Yan-Xi, Ray WANG Qing-Nan, Victoria WANG Yan-Jie, Allen KUANG Hao-Bin, Serena ZHOU Meng-Na
Public Ralations: Ellen WANG Ai-Lun, Jenson CHI Jian-Xiong, Sue ZHOU Ye-Shu, Faierie MEI Wei, Gary ZHANG Zhen-Qi, Heidi HAN Ya-Qi, Pete BAO Pei-Te, Grace GAO Qi
Head of Ticketing: Irene LI Ying-Ting
Ticketing: James QUE Zhuang-Jun
Media & Publicities: Evelyn WU Xin
Graphic Designer: LJ WANG Luo-Jin
Head of Multimedia: Yee YIN Yi
Photographer: Shylock LU Shan, Karen OUYANG Hua-Ting, Kenneth CHANG, Jeffery WONG
Cameraman: Yike GAO Yi-Ke, Alex LIN Jing, Mimi LIU Mi


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Cathay Playhouse reserve all copyright of the images, use of images in advertising or for promotional purposes without notice is prohibited.

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