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2003 Let Me Love Once

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Performance Dates: 9th October 2003 - 11th October 2003
Number of Performances: 3 shows in 3 days
Venue: Tom Mann Theatre
Capacity: 876
Attendance rate: 78%

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Let Me Love Once

At 37 years old, Zhao Zhengnan eagerly awaits for an opportunity to love and be loved. Zhao is a kind and ordinary man, who in is heart is very passionate, and sees himself as a good person, but lacks enough courage to seek a lover. His Co-worker Si K Dang and two of his friends take him out in hopes of finding a lover as early as possible.

One day, a girl called Chen Pei comes into his life, making these inklings of dreams become a reality. Their relationship enters pitfalls and problems, but despite that the two learn valuable lessons of love between a man and a woman.

In an age of Science and Technology, confessions of love are not by any stretch an easy matter. Despite cities growing faster and faster, people's emotions are becoming stifled and harder to express. The author hopes that through this play, the audience and the public alike pays attention to and elevates their most treasured emotions in this urban jungle.

Sponsorship & Partnership

Sydney Australian Chinese Children's Art Theatre
LA-Boys Design

Wan Tong Trading
City Hunter
FuDaChi Pty. Ltd
Global Education and Migration Centre
The Builder's Lawyer

2003 'Let Me Love Once' In-house Brochure

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