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2005 Secret Love for the Peach Blossom Spring

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Performance Dates: 27th July 2005 - 30th July 2005
Number of Performances: 4 shows in 4 days
Venue: Tom Mann Theatre
Capacity: 1,168
Attendance rate: 87%

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Secret Love for the Peach Blossom Spring

Two theatre groups under the titles "Secret Love" and "Peach Blossom Spring" both signed a contract with a theatre for the same evening dress rehearsal. A dispute arose between the two groups as to who would take the stage for rehearsal, but both sides wouldn't back down. As the performance day comes closer and closer, they have to rehearse at the same time, creating a visual spectacle of modern versus ancient, joy versus sorrow, all on the one stage.

"Secret Love" is a modern tragedy. With the war raging around them in 20th Century Shanghai, a young man Jiang Bingliu falls in love with a woman named Yun Zhifan. The war tears them apart, and they flea to Taiwan separately. They find each other 40 years later, and by then, they are both married, and Jiang is close to death due to a crippling illness.

"Peach Blossom Spring" is a comedy set in Ancient China. A fisherman Laotao's wife from Wuling has an affair with their landlord Boss Yuan. Laotao left home and went to the "Peach Blossom Spring". When he comes back to Wuling, he found out that his wife Chunhua has already had a baby with Boss Yuan.

The theatre suddenly gets a power outage, and a crazy woman, screaming her boyfriends name, runs across the theatre......

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2005 'Secret Love for the Peach Blossom Spring' In-house Brochure

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