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2006 Sunrise

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Performance Dates: 28th July 2006 - 30th July 2006
Number of Performances: 4 shows in 3 days
Venue: Tom Mann Theatre
Capacity: 1,168
Attendance rate: 91%

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Student-turned-socialite Chen Bailu lives in a big hotel, relying on the support of her  banker, Pan Yueting. Chen has an accident and falls, and her childhood friend Fang Dasheng hears about this and comes from his hometown to “care for her”. Instead, Fang tries to convince her to marry him and go back home with him. Chen rejects him, and Fang feels deeply disappointed about his life, and his society.

An orphan with the nickname “little thing” breaks into Chen's room to escape her life. After a series of conflicts, no matter how Chen tries to help, “little thing” is sold to a brothel by a gang leader named Jing Bai. Inevitably, “little thing” dies from humiliation, committing suicide, and to make matters worse, Jing Bai also makes Pan Yueting’s bank fail. Chen, confronted with the darkness of her life around her, commits suicide. Fang however, stands against the darkness and presses on, facing the sunrise alone.


Sydney Australian Chinese Children's Art Theatre
Australian Chinese Student Club
Golden Palace Entertainment Center
Australian New Express Daily
Red Solutions International
Kam Fook Restaurant
Alice Show Biz

2006 'Sunrise' In-house Brochure

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