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2010 De-Ling and Empress Dowager Ci-Xi

2010 De-Ling and Empress Dowager Ci-Xi

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Performance Dates: 30th September 2010 - 2nd October 2010
Number of Performance: 4 shows in 3 days
Venue: Tom Mann Theatre
Capacity: 1,168
Attendance rate: 93%

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De-Ling and Empress Dowager Ci-Xi

Seven years since our founding, we at Cathay have produced seven high quality productions.  For our eighth annual production, Cathay Playhouse has proudly chosen “De-Ling and the Empress Dowager Ci-Xi”, a script by well-known playwright Mrs. HE Ji-Ping.

Set in the late Qing Dynasty period, a few years after the revolutionary Wu-Xu Reform, Lady De-Ling was brought up in England, her mother, Qing, serves as the Chinese Ambassador to England. De-Ling is a bright and well-educated young lady, accustomed to western culture and a democratic society. The ambassador’s family returned to Beijing after being recalled from his post. De-Ling was summoned to meet the Empress Dowager in the Forbidden City, found interesting due to her knowledge of western society and philosophy. A position was given her to be the Empress’ maid. Over time, De-Ling slowly came to dislike the by the repressive pedantry of the politics and rules of her society, and shared the idea of reformation with the progressionists. She then starts trying to introduce her advanced theories and inventions to the Empress. Her action and zeal has became the daily refreshments of the Empress, but a thorn in the flesh of the tuft-hunters.

The story of De-Ling and the Empress Dowager Ci-Xi is a epitome of the entire Qing Dynasty society. The conflict between De-Ling and the Dignitaries is a reflection of the reformists and the old-school bureaucrats. The year 2011 will be the 100-years’ commemoration of the Revolution of 1911, a milestone of democracy in Chinese history. This production a dedication to the 1911 Revolution and also a carrier of Cathay Playhouse member’s pioneering spirit. The script of Lady De-Ling and the Empress Dowager is a masterpiece of Mrs. He Ji-Ping and is a foundation of the production. The whole team is confident to accomplish another masterpiece to place in Cathay history.

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