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Let's Play Production

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Let's Play Production - Young; Energetic; Pioneer

The Let's Play Production is a new production project of Cathay Playhouse in 2012. It focuses on exploration, experimentation and innovation in theatre, breakthrough against traditional styles of theatre, and emphasis on communication with the audience. The Let's Play Production seeks to construct a strongly expressive performance, and has been well-received by young people and students groups.

Experimental avant-garde drama is the most pioneer and the most humanistic of the performing arts, being a highly thoughtful, expressive and appealing form of theatre, while at the same time containing good entertainment value. That’s why it is today's most respected cultural phenomenon. It is being recognised as a sign of culture and fashion in economically developed areas, including Beijing and Shanghai.

The Let's Play Production takes on some of the characteristics of popular culture, connects better with the general public and caters to the needs of the audience, especially youngsters who wish to express their views through drama. Cathay Playhouse launches this new platform, no longer solely pursuit personal sentiment and so-called “profound art”. Instead, the Lets Play Production is down to earth, reflects the hearts of the ordinary people, and reveals the living conditions of the contemporary Chinese population. The Let's Play Production opens up greater possibilities for a new brand of development of Cathay Playhouse.

Let's Play Production's major works

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27 September (THU)  07:00pm
28 September (FRI)   07:00pm
29 September (SAT)  02:30pm
29 September (SAT)  07:00pm


10 August(Fri)07:00pm
11 August(Sat)02:00pm
11 August(Sat)07:00pm
12 August(Sun)05:00pm