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WANG Hui-Li 

Renowned stage playwright, director.

Wang Hui-Li graduated from The Shanghai Theatre Academy China in 1957. WANG Hui-Li’s plays creations have won countless awards, especially her works in “WANG Hui-Li Children Play Series”, which has became major representation of children plays in China today.

In 1989 WANG Hui-Li migrated to Australia with partner HU Ling-Sun, and has since been involved with Arts within the Chinese community especially in the development of Children plays, and promoting theatre Arts. Together they established ‘Sydney Australian Chinese Children's Art Theatre’ in 1994. Over the last 20 years, they have nurtured groups after groups of young people with high standard of performing art skills, and delivered number of brilliant children plays, bring children joy and promoting the Chinese cultural and theatre Arts. Not only their work had great impact in the performing arts society locally, they had also receive great praise from both the Chinese and Australian government, and won number of national performing arts awards both in Australia and China.

Cathay Playhouse was fortunate to meet WANG Hui-Li and HU Ling-Sun in 2005. Both have since become beacons for this passionate young group of Arts enthusiasts, training them with their professional advices. Touched and motivated by the spirits of these two elderly artists, and their passion, every member of Cathay Playhouse solidly believes in their responsibility of inheriting, preserving and promoting Chinese theatre arts.


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