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Classic Production - Inheritance; Quality; Revival

“The Classics are the best representation of each time period, as each period has its own classic. Classics are at the forefront of their time, most acutely reflecting the sensitivities of social changes and transitions, epitomising an era.”

Cathay Playhouse Classic Production is an extension of Cathay’s “Annual Production”, continuing to promote high quality productions. Its cast and production team are a selection of Cathay’s most experienced and influential members. Whether presenting works that are deeply immersed in Chinese traditional culture, such as Sunrise (2006), Family (2008) and DeLing and the Empress Dowager CiXi (2010), or adapting Western plays – The Merchant of Venice (2009) and The Government Inspector (2011) – Cathay has continued to respect these classics, in order to preserve and inherit their culture.

Along with the wave of enthusiasm for theatre brought by Cathay Playhouse in the Chinese community, we have over the past nine years gradually nurtured a group of “‘middle-class citizens’ who are economically-viable, educated and cultured”  into a group of talented actors. They have become Cathay Playhouse's primary audience for Classic Productions. Like many other companies, young white-collar workers with money to burn are no doubt another target demographic for our   Productions.

Criterion for the Classic Production’s choice of play is whether or not the test has yet stood the test of time, and how extensive the longevity of the play is. A plays longevity is not only reflected in the relevance to its times, but in its ability to address issues that reappear in various historical contexts. Cathay aims to sustain the longevity of the plays through our own productions, to date Cathay has performed Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice (2009), Gogol’s The Government Inspector (2011), and CAO Yu’s Sunrise(2006), Family (2008), Thunderstorm (2012) and Palace of Desire(2013). The questions raised in each play still hold relevance to our modern day, making them not only suitable but an opportunity for Cathay to offer a unique perspective on current issues.

Classic Production's major works:

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27 September (THU)  07:00pm
28 September (FRI)   07:00pm
29 September (SAT)  02:30pm
29 September (SAT)  07:00pm


10 August(Fri)07:00pm
11 August(Sat)02:00pm
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