The Leading Chinese Theatre in Australia

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To diffuse arts and guard our dreams.


To present exceptional Mandarin drama to disseminate Chinese culture for contributing Australian Multicultural society and, sustains and develops the traditional Chinese art form.

About Cathay

Since its founding in 2003 as a non-profit organization registered with the NSW Department of Fair Trading, Cathay Playhouse Inc. (Cathay) has had a profound impact on the Australian Chinese community.


Our aim is to promote exceptional Chinese theatrical dramas in order to spread traditional Chinese performing arts and culture. In the past eleven years, Cathay has successfully engaged with more than 26,000 people through its theatre productions in Sydney and Wollongong. Today, Cathay has become one of the largest and most influential Chinese drama group in Australia.


Cathay provides art lovers with a platform to express themselves and gain a deeper understanding of Chinese dramatic arts. In recent years, Cathay’s stage productions have gained wide recognition, notably from Mr. Kevin Jackson, Head of Acting at Australia's National Institute Dramatic Arts (NIDA) and Ms. Mingya Wang, Head of Acting at the China Central Academy of Drama. We have also consolidated our influence through the maintenance of strong partnerships and relations with many performance agents in China as well as major Chinese media organizations in Australia.

Cathay Playhouse’s major works:

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27 September (THU)  07:00pm
28 September (FRI)   07:00pm
29 September (SAT)  02:30pm
29 September (SAT)  07:00pm


10 August(Fri)07:00pm
11 August(Sat)02:00pm
11 August(Sat)07:00pm
12 August(Sun)05:00pm